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Our Story

We are proud to be the first company to conceive and perfect a formulation boasting the broadest range of the most powerful active ingredients in a single product for its anti-aging benefits. 

Our founder, Nicholas Masters, started his journey back in 2017 with a set of questions unanswered within the cosmetics industry:


  • In an age driven by technological innovation, why hadn't we seen a moisturizer that brings together all the most potent active ingredients, not just two or three?

  • Is it truly necessary to juggle an array of specialized products to meet our diverse skincare needs? We live in a fast-paced world and live fast paced lives, especially for those of us who are frequent travelers, can we not simplify but at the same time get more out of one single option?

  • A best effort approach to sustainability and animal testing is not being made by the major industry players and they are the ones with the best means to set the example. We believe we can offer a leading example; that it is possible to offer a remarkable product in a more sustainable way not at the expense of the living things that inhabit this earth?

These questions not only fueled our inception but continue to guide us as we strive to offer solutions that are as practical as they are genuinely good, and so, La Voie was born. A product that does it all, gentle on the skin whilst enriched with the widest range of active ingredients on the market and a compact size to take it with you wherever you need it.

La Voie Skincare


Unable to find a moisturiser that truly encapsulated a broad spectrum of effective, proven active ingredients, Nicholas Masters envisioned a new frontier in skincare. His goal was clear: to develop a single, comprehensive product combining a unique blend of the most sought-after active ingredients, that work together to deliver multiple benefits to the user. A product that felt incredibly light on the skin while being adaptable to all environments and skin types.

The outcome is a marvel of meticulous craftsmanship. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, synthesized, and encapsulated to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

At its core, La Voie was founded on the principle that effective skincare isn't about one 'miracle' ingredient, but about the harmony achieved by blending an array of powerful, scientifically-backed, peer-reviewed and established ingredients.

As challenging as it was, the quest was achievable through relentless research, testing, picking the expertise of the brightest scientific minds in their respective fields, boundless passion, and a refusal to settle for 'almost the best.' The result is a gold-standard creation that places La Voie at the cutting edge of cosmeceutical moisturisers.

Though we operate on an international scale, La Voie remains a small, intimate establishment by design. We focus on small-batch production to ensure the highest quality and to uphold our commitment to sustainability.

La Voie Skincare
La Voie Skincare
La Voie Skincare
La Voie Skincare
La Voie Skincare
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