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  • Why does La Voie Crème Anti-âge only come in 15ml quantities?
    The 15ml unit is a balance between having a luxury-grade active-ingredient-infused emulsion but yet still affordable.
  • What is the recommended age range of users?
    24 and up if you consider that some portion of the demographic start noticing signs of aging in their early 20’s.
  • Usage guidelines?
    La Voie cream can be used day and night whenever you feel the need. However, for best results, you can apply it before bed. Gently distribute the cream evenly across your applying fingers. Evenly press into your face and neck. You can also head over to our "Ritual" page at the top of the website to get a better idea.
  • For which skin types and users?
    La Voie Crème Anti-âge is for users with oily or dry skin that are seeking to incorporate all the most effective and proven active ingredients available on the market today in a synergistic way. Let me break it down a little further in terms of skin types. How is it that this product can be for both dry and oily skin types? – I use the broadest range of proven humectants and emollients and very specific set of occlusives in such a combination that will draw in as well as lock in moisture but at the same time result in a very light and non-oily feeling.

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